Staffan Rennermalm

Today I will be reviewing Hallbeck’s newest single, “Dagarna Med Dig”.  Hallbeck is a solo artist hailing from Sweden. Despite being a solo artist, he used to be in multiple bands back in the 90’s and even toured the world with aforementioned bands. He collaborated with Sweden-based producer Magnus Sjoquist who recorded all the tracks for Hallbeck. 

When I first heard the song, I felt like I am a young girl again who’s having a crush. The song is that of a song that could come out of a 90’s Foo fighters album, with the same heart-felt lyrics and dreamy tunes. The song is super cheerful and makes me optimistic for life! Not to mention the very cute cover art of 2 people (who are probably a couple). The picture caught on film makes you feel nostalgic in a good way. Despite not speaking Swedish, this song spoke to my heart in ways language can’t. I feel Hallbeck’s message about love and happiness that he wanted to convey in this song. All in all, this song will most definitely help Hallbeck kickstart his solo career away from his other past endeavors.