Welsh singer-songwriter Daddy Drwg, or ‘Bad Daddy’ as his name translates, attended The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, gaining a post-graduate qualification in Music Technology. His self-taught multi-instrumentalism and skilled knowledge have helped him across a career of playing in globally touring bands and album contributions. 

Daddy Drwg’s debut album is now here, ‘A Tree Called Happy’ showcasing ten raw and honest tracks. Dynamic rhythms, sleek guitar solos and catchy lyricism all come together within a blend of classic rock and folk influences, sprinkled with alt-metal licks and Britpop rhythms. Able to package this wide range of influences into a singular box, Daddy Drwg crafts a captivating journey through both his life and his musical influences. Showing a real passion for each performance, the Welshman new musical identity is a welcome addition to the scene.

The artist shares, “After spending years of what was a musical hiatus, it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience writing and recording this solo album and emerging anew as Daddy Drwg.”

Daddy Drwg, or ‘Bad Daddy’, as his name translates, started as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, then went on to study a post-grad in Music Technology at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Embracing a rich musical background from a young age, he’s previously played in globally touring bands and contributed to numerous albums.

Now, Daddy Drwg’s solo debut ‘A Tree Called Happy’, showcases his diverse talents in full, a compelling first project.

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