Songwriter, producer, performer, visual artist, these are all titles that can be attributed to the ambitious rock star D.K. Lyons. Based in Manhattan, his authentic approach to glimmering indie-pop-rock arrangements has garnered him steady attention across his previous projects, as he dives into love, loss, fear and hope. Shaped by both the loss of his father and the trio of powerful women who raised him, he brings unique perspective and astute observations to each of his songs, whilst maintaining an infectious atmosphere.

Now D.K. returns with the dazzling new double album ‘Sophomoric Rambling’, bringing together everything fans adore about his tracks and firing them into the stratosphere with an earnest and enthusiastic approach. Bringing together influences from across the pop spectrum, whether that’s pounding four-to-the-floor drums and vocoder filters or twangy guitar licks and shimmering electric piano, he laces each sensibility with a sense of self, building on what others have left before him for the sound of D.K. Lyons. There’s no doubt this is pop, with catchy melodies and the occasional whimsical topic, but there’s also no doubt that D.K. pours his heart into each track with honesty and genuine emotion.

D.K. shares a comment on the project, “In an era where so much focus in music is on viral song snippets and following algorithmic trends, I feel so incredibly proud and rewarded by the process of creating such a deep and expansive project and the amazing feedback I’ve received on the songs and content that have been released to date. My ambitions are always so lofty and longwinded and this project, from the album to the videos to the short film, capture that and 100% represent me as an artist and what I stand for. SOPHOMORIC RAMBLING is an album about me and my life, but it’s also about the universal human search for hope and deeper meaning in an increasingly superficial world.”

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