Nuutti Hannula is one of the few artists that you will listen to this year with such impressive wide range of different genres. The finnnish multi-multi-instrumentalist and producer released his latest single Cyclone. Well, let’s discover more about his progressive psychological journey below!


Nuutti Hannula Solitary solo prpject discusses topics “journey towards The unknown territories of The subconscious mind.” – he clarifiied. And I can see this through his masterpiece 7 minute compistion. I loved how the song structure si taking me from Earth leading to the space, but it’s not the outter space, but actually it’s my mental space. Cyclone is like your spaceship into your own mind with diversity of progressive elements along with professional instrtumental variety. “I felt I needed an independent space where I could express my craziest ideas in musical form. The process of making Cyclone was a psychological ritual for me and when everything was finally ready it felt awesome. The song is a musical adventure which features poly metric patterns and melodic themes.” – Hannula explained.

Watch Cyclone by Nuutti Hannula Solitary [Guitar Playthrough]

He is also the the composer and the drummer of stunning progressive Finnish metal group Fireproven, and you won’t believe it that he is also aemmber of free jazz duo Premium Banana.

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