Francisco Munoz

The Norwegian fiery rock band, Electric High, are back with their coherent sound, hard-rocking performance, and explicit lyrical theme, presenting the headbanger, “Cyclone.”

PV Staff, Olav Iversen (lead vocals), Marius Mrch (guitars), Einride Torvik (bass), and Tor Bjarne Bjelland (drums), make up the bursting with authentic rock’n’roll intensity outfit, “Electric High.”

I’ve known these mind-blowing guys for almost a year now since I first listened to their single, “Rough Diamond.” It’s astonishing how they’re keeping their glam, unconventional and controversial attitude, hardcore sound, and wild performance.

“Cyclone” follows the pace of the previous releases by being a blend of the 70’s cool act and the present scene’s flair. It bursts with energy, a vintage vibe, and the smell of musty authorities.

The banger kicks off with “FFFFF Faster…” to give us a glimpse of how the ringmaster acts out, and how they’ll unleash their fast-paced full power throughout the song. I always get the feeling that the track ends quickly because of how the quintet smash performance is unstoppable like a Cyclone.

Having two lead singers is still one of the things that makes them stand out. It’s advantageous to have a pair of earworms with complementary dynamic delivery and a wide vocal range. The catchy hooks and chorus will resonate in your head for a while, playing on loop the heavy riffs and off-pitch “lalalala” singing.

The instrumentation sings along with the vocals, portraying the dominant Ringmaster who wants to be heard and nearly worshipped.  The solo section showcases the collective’s synergy and provides a brief segment of pure immersive rock.

Electric High isn’t aiming for power; they already have it! They have a massive, timeless musical power that keeps hitting us one shot after another. I can’t wait to see how they’ll outdo themselves again.