Nicole Dargè

Curse is the newest single from the Berlin-based avant-garde project Lolita Terrorist Sounds and it sounds like an ancient ritual. From the extended intro to the eerie music video, everything about this single feels like a choir is being led in song by their tribe leader to summon the planets and all the forces of nature. The band presents their narrative strongly and every aspect about the sound is coherent with the imagery and lyrics. The arrangement is mostly based on vocals and some added percussion. The lead melody is a low-pitched vocal line in which Maurizio Vitale’s voice mimics throat singers and theatre performers. These storytelling lyrics and vocals are accentuated by a percussive arrangement of tribal instruments to make a dissonant-sounding track that feels like it’s a folklore piece. Ironically though, this is a call to the planets and stars to bring the song’s main character power and glory. Mixing these ancient vibes with some rare instruments and samples here and there to strengthen the innuendo, and there is a clear influence of post-punk and early goth music that emerged in the late 70s to early 80s. If you’re a fan of any of the genres I mentioned then I definitely recommend Lolita Terrorist Sounds, as they can put on a show and make you imagine living through it just with their sound.