Calum Ingram’s latest release is an electrifyingly chill piece of folk that hits hard with its dark production and potent dose of melancholia.

Calum Ingram is an Edinburgh-based cellist, composer, and singer who has been collaborating with Michael Ronstadt, a fellow cellist, since the days of forced lockdown in 2020. Since then, the duo has written songs together that carry quite a few from the scenery of the stormy Scottish countryside.

On the duo’s latest release, titled ‘Cup of Urafain’, Calum Ingram refers to the lies that are fed to the masses by the politicians and people in charge. At its core, ‘Cup of Urafain’, is an angry piece that is protesting global political corruption by its rumbling cellos and dark melodies, and subtle hints of acoustic delta blues. The duo is also showcasing strong musicianship through their vocal chemistry, in a charismatic display of call and response to the song’s deep-hitting lyrics.

‘Cup of Urafain’ has a gorgeous composition that’s dramatic, while simplistic, and with the amplified sound of the duet of cellos, the sound ends up gargantuan and commanding a ton of attention. The pair are clearly meant to be writing music together. The soul that is coming across in ‘Cup of Urafain’ is clear enough indication.

Being one more teaser track from Ingram’s upcoming studio album, ‘Cup of Urafain’ got us even more impressed and impatient to hear what more Ingram and his best musical friend have in store.