Music has a way of being a consolation for those in need, either by cheering them up or conveying exactly how they feel. Filip Dahl‘s latest track, “Cry of a Broken Heart,” strikes a balance between the two types of solace, as it’s bittersweet somehow, it’s melancholic yet will leave you lighthearted.

What’s remarkable about instrumental pieces is that they can’t guide you through what to feel. When they are made sincerely, you’ll feel their essence in your own way. “Cry of a Broken Herat” is the Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl’s first release in 2022. This instrumental ballad feels just like its title. It shares with the down-hearted their sadness and fits the blue mood perfectly.

It starts off with a slow tempo of electric lead guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano. Which together feels peaceful, but once they progress and more instruments join in to make it feel like a whole band out there when it’s only the talented Filip Dahl, it’s gloomy with a passionate performance that comes out of the depths of a heart to reach the depths of a shattered soul. The rockin’ melody has a nostalgic vibe as if it’s a part of an 80’s piece. Also, it sets the mood for the layers of the various guitars to penetrate the heart all at once. The way the track ends, it feels like all the instrumentals were parts of a puzzle that kept combining effortlessly all along, resulting in the soulful, stunner “Cry of a Broken Heart.”

Who would’ve thought that exquisite guitar work would feel your anguish and help you pick up your broken pieces? Listen to the track below and you won’t disagree: