Originating from Wisconsin, USA, the hard rock band, The Almas, is set to launch their latest EP titled “The Almas II,” with the spotlight on their track ‘Crowns.’ Let’s delve into the details below.

The Almas, a four-piece band, consists of Crystal Teigland as the lead vocalist, Frank Slifka as the founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Sukowski as the guitarist, and Andrew Ehredt as the drummer. The band has mastered the art of blending alternative modern rock with classic elements flawlessly. Crystal’s dynamic vocals, combined with the cohesive musical arrangement, immediately captured my attention and left me eager for more. The captivating guitar riffs, especially the lead licks, added an energetic vibe to the song, making it easy to headbang along. It’s a track that I just didn’t want to end – only 3 minutes and 50 seconds long, ‘Crowns’ deserves to be at least 10 minutes!

I am really excited about exploring more tracks from these exceptionally talented musicians. Picture enjoying The Almas‘ unique blend of styles, infused with orchestral elements. Their collaboration with Kile Odell, a top producer on the Active Rock charts, has significantly contributed to their remarkable music. Isn’t it impressive?

According to their press kit: Throughout the US, the band has covered more than 39,000 miles, entertained audiences at almost 100 shows, and is supported by KES Network. Currently, they are touring US television stations to promote their single “Crowns” and have a new single scheduled for release in mid-May 2024.

“The existence of this band has always been about helping each other” Frank explains, “whether it’s through inspiration, a positive message, or simply creating a fun, entertaining environment where people can get away from life’s problems.”

Since 2016, The Almas have had a successful journey in both recording and live performances. They have launched a self-titled EP, along with two full-length albums titled ‘Back To Bad’ and ‘Truth Sells’. In 2023, the band was recognized as the Rock band of the year at the JOSIE Music Awards. To promote their music, they have shared the stage with renowned artists like Saliva, Slipknot, Ice Nine Kills, Falling in Reverse, Buckcherry, Royal Bliss, Saving Abel, Eva Under Fire, and have toured with Smile Empty Soul.“We’re excited to come to the UK in July 2024 for our first UK promotional tour”, says Frank.