Mary Yeager

“This is not a running game, put your crown back on and fight, this is how we kill the pain, we rise high above and fight” those words are exactly what I needed right now, and I believe each and every one of you needs them too! 

In preparation for his 7-songs EP, Lebanese artist Kevin Whitaker drops his new single “Crown” on the 9th of December, 2022. Loaded with energy and anger, “Crown” will get you off your seat and I believe most of you will definitely relate to Kevin’s energy and words, and I totally recommend you play this AS LOUD AS YOU CAN. 

Kevin Whitaker will take you by storm with his lyrics, vocal delivery, and industrial pounding sound on “Crown”. It gives you a hint of its heaviness right when it opens before shifting into a quieter, more mellow sound that keeps on building up as the anger keeps on boiling in Kevin’s voice and inside of me as I listened. I loved the way he kept on adding beats and layers in a super clever way that made the listener fully prepared for its peak and ready to sing along and scream out loud. Whitaker managed to create an ideal progression with extremely enjoyable engaging dynamics in a solid inviting structure that I believe will drive people crazy when performed live.

“Crown” by Kevin Whitaker is a bold loud statement that instantly clicks with the listener, the message is clear and made me fall for it screaming FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT right from the 1st listen! I’m definitely keeping an eye on Kevin Whitaker, looking forward to more man, keep on rocking and fighting! Cheers!