As they’re teasing their upcoming record This Is Crowland, British rockers 9 O’Clock Nasty are dropping their 2nd single Crowland on the 13th of January 2024. Described by the band as “Musical violence. The sound of hammering your forehead to the wall in time with the newsreader. If you sing along loud enough you won’t hear the sad voices. Every string of Pete Brock’s guitar is tuned to RAGE. Music from the underbelly of a broken society.” Crowland is where 9 O’Clock Nasty take their sound experience to the next level. Let’s dig deeper into it.

9 O’clock Nasty grabs their listeners’ ears with Crowland’s heavy distorted intro, cementing their highly energetic playful sound right from the 1st note. Crowland moves with intense dynamic sound flow and pounding sound, keeping its mood stable and growing as 9 O’clock Nasty introduces more melodies and elements as they push their sound boundaries forward in an interesting structure with hooking twists and turns. The catchy vocal melody was cleverly crafted to keep you on board and following it as it leads Crowland’s progression, gaining harmonies and layers along the way that make it even more interesting.

Crowland is another new twist in 9 O’clock Nasty‘s path that explores new territories while keeping their core sound and direction uncompromised, maintaining their unique signature sound in a way that shows maturity, solid writing skills, and clear vision as they owned their sound and now they’re perfecting it. I’m always looking forward to more from 9 O’clock Nasty, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!