“CROSSBONE” by Joshua Ketchmark is one of those tracks that seamlessly blend rock, folk, and Americana. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter pours his heart out along with acoustic guitars, a piano, and a well-thought and highly dynamic drumline. 

The track’s intro shows you the intensity and the resonance that Joshua has in his voice. It amazed me how he can add rasp to the melody he sings while his vowels still sound open and clear…true talent and technique that go hand in hand and sound easy and effortless (but most definitely aren’t).

As the track progresses beyond that intro it gains some pace and increases in tempo. The soft backing vocals and the piano add a lot of soulfulness and keep that Americana vibe during the verses and the first part of the chorus, but the intensity of the vocals is what controls the dynamics and steals the show. The drums and bass are mixed so well that they leave a space for the keyboard/organ and the backing vocals to add their impact…I can’t help but notice how beautifully the track is mixed.

The bridge section is the most charming part of this song for me, as it crescendos with the guitar and some high notes, cools down, then builds up again to start another chorus. The chorus repeats in the outro with a few accents from the guitar and then the song closes in the most charming way you can think of.

All in all, this track is an undeniable masterpiece. The quality of the production allows for every instrument and every element to be heard, and the arrangement of the song is beautiful and touches your soul from the first time you listen to it.