Roxercat started the year on a high note with the release of their latest EP “Pearls” on the 13th of January. Keeping the hype up they followed it by releasing a music video for “Crime” on the 3rd of February, the song we are talking about today.

Roxercat is a 3 piece progressive rock band from Nashville, United States formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. The dynamic trio’s chemistry dates back to 2017 when they were working together on “The Fortunate Few” a rock opera written and produced by Price Jones.

“Crime” can best be described as a fusion between rock and R&B, revolving around a monstrous funky bass line with killer guitar licks topped by a soul-influenced vocal line. Bill starts off the song with a funky bass lick followed by Stan with a screaming melodic guitar lick adding a blues rock vibe to the song backed by a funky rhythm guitar, a dynamic drum line played by Andy Peake, and a perfectly fitted Hammond organ that boosts the song’s atmosphere played by Jeff Roach. The intro definitely catches your ear right away but as the bass develops into a groovy slap and pop line and Price starts singing with her powerful and flawless voice sprinkled with melodic guitar licks you are captivated to stay and dance along to the song. “Crime” is perfectly produced and arranged which takes the listener on an addictive musical journey complemented by amazing psychedelic visuals and neon colours in the music video. Don’t miss out and check it out now. It’s guaranteed that you will be as hooked as I am to Roxercat.