Cover or not, Nocturnal Animals return with a single that aims to solidify their position as a seriously tight trio of explosive alternative rock that’s ready to carry their own weight any day of the week.

Hailing from the Australian town of Adelaide, Nocturnal Animals are a three-piece band of high-energy, electrified alternative rock. They also have their unique visual identity with their skeleton face paint, captivating live performances, and tight-sounding production. They are back with a cover of the beloved ‘Covered in Chrome’ from the slept-on fellow Aussies Violent Soho.

Dyl, Bamm, and Josh bring a uniformly bombastic display of musicianship with their latest release. Going through the song’s different melodic sections, the drums and vocals bring forth enough variety in a single cover that other bands can live on for years. From the initial clean guitar arpeggios and soulful singing to the inevitable explosion of the song’s main tempo and lively yeah, yeah, yeahs, the band does the shift so smoothly that you end up forgetting that either section exists while the other is on. The crisp mix is tasty and rich, and the vocals in particular are yelpy, lively, and endlessly inviting.

‘Covered in Chrome’ is an inspired cover of an underrated modern classic. Done faithfully and with reverence, Nocturnal Animals’ take on the original is terrific, bombastic, and loud. A powerhouse trio with massive potential for sure.