The latest single from this bombastic Sydney-based trio is deliciously quirky, eerie, and filled with punk attitudes that would easily punch a fist-sized hole into any surface.

The Dead Riders are an Aussie trio whose sound is snappy, offensive, aggressive, and tastefully harsh, and they are back with a fast-paced, picturesque composition that’s full of distortion, manic chants, crazed riffs, and haunting dissonance. Country Town Virgin is deceptive. Sounding brash, and ankle deep, just another pumping piece of cool funk, but it’s only when you start peeling away the layers that you uncover a crazy depth to the intricacy of the composition. It’s so mercifully over-composed, it’s a rare beast. The horror-tinged musical atmosphere and lyrics are light-hearted and humorous in the most intoxicating way possible. Beneath the horror themes we uncover a driving baseline, a busy beat, and a nuanced bunch of riffs that are musical, rich, and with a fantastic tone. It’s even got a short guitar riff that can be taken as a solo. There’s so much to discuss in the parts played by the 3 members of the trio, but topping them all is the crazy rich and intricate songwriting. And all is accentuated and given the chance to shine through the delicious mix from the ARIA-winning producer David Nicholas.

This quick-fire piece of horror Post-Punk is a rich and enjoyable listen that effortlessly has so much more than what Punk is usually willing to offer, yet it has the same empowering, adrenaline-pumping, attitude-filled accessibility that we love about Punk. A delightfully rich listen.