Counterfate is a Nu Metal/Alternative Metal band. They released on the 5th of May a lyrical video for their single ‘Dead Inside’. The single is from their upcoming album, Chasing Life.
The lyrics are political, which is very obvious and this is also shown in the background of the lyrical video. Of course since it discusses something political about war, it’s agreeable. I’m into bands who can deliver something awakening or an idea through their music.

I’m also into Alternative Metal, which means I liked the band. Being an Alternative Metal band means having energetic music, this band was not an exception from that rule. I really like the music, the bass drums is heard clearly, it’s like a heartbeat. The drummer has paid enough respect. The guitar riffs were also good.

The vocals in the verses though, I felt like the vocalist was not making full use of his vocals. That was a letdown because he really has great vocals. It shone well only at the end, the chorus had good vocals too. I will be waiting for their album to see how the vocals are really like. Maybe this track didn’t give his vocals an opportunity to shine. His voice reminds me of another vocalist that I honestly don’t recall who; I’ve spent hours going through my music library but couldn’t remember.

All in all, if you’re into energetic Alternative Metal, you’ll like this one for sure.
Listen to the song with lyrics on screen below:

Edited by: NJ Bakr