Andrew Porter

After a successful string of releases in 2022, the UK-based rockers Wild Horse are dropping their first single in 2023 Cougar on the 27th of January. Freely mixing melodies and blending genres together, I believe those guys can reach out to diverse tastes and audiences easily. Let me tell you why.

Cougar opens with a groovy riff that sets the blueprint for its mood and bright melodic sound. The vocal melody is pretty catchy that you’ll find yourself singing along right from the 2nd listen, while the warm guitar chords lay a colorful layer upon the song’s mood that hyped its sound up. Cougar‘s fluid structure is one of its major strengths, and the reason behind its catchy memorable sound, its easy-going laidback melodies flow smoothly as we seamlessly go through its twists and turns, with subtle keys and beautiful atmospheric vocal harmonies well mixed and arranged within this structure. Adding to that the amazing vocal performance by Jalissa Livermore at the outro, Wild Horse‘s writing skills shine clearly as all these gestures and details separate a good song from an ordinary one.

Cougar is a well-written and arranged single by Wild Horse, those guys managed to create a catchy song that’s approachable to a wide range of audiences without compromising giving the listener a skillfully crafted structure, beautiful melodies, and energetic experience. Looking forward to more from Wild Horse, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!