When a person enters a room full of people and instantly commands everyone’s attention, then they’ve got to be without a fault! Their look, their costume, their walk, and everything that a human eye could notice. That is the exact impression that Nick Noon’s “Costumes” puts on the listener. You just get immersed in every mesmerizing detail, enjoy it, and wonder how each and every component could be so exquisite.

The Nashville, Tennessee-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nick Noon, is an artist who doesn’t produce music to make a fuss. He’s rather the kind of artist that puts his heart and soul into what he does, so the fuzz will be made on its own, as the result of his authentic, unlikely-to-be-found-anywhere-else music will resonate.

“Costumes” is an honest witness that can seal the truth about Nick Noon’s abilities. It’s hard to identify where the biggest attraction comes from! The brilliant lyricism? The mashed style of songwriting? What about the baritone vocals? Or the addictive instrumentation? With every listen, I say it’s got to be “something” that stands out here, and then in the next one, I’m like, “no, it’s something else.” But the thing is, each element shines equally and contributes to giving the song its organic feel and delivering the significant message.

The five-minute work of art, “Costumes,” starts off with a cinematic intro that makes you feel you’re participating in a classy dance in a movie. Soon, a serious rock flare dominates the air. Once the vocals and the rest of the instruments enter, the song goes on and it’s impossible to resist its full power.

The song illustrates our reality. How the world is driving us to follow its catalogue and how we are letting it do so. The realistic lyrics are written with an artistic dress to showcase how our true nature fades and we are trying so hard to fit in because, “Costumes make us feel woke.”

The orchestral set boosts the feeling of being in a vintage era’s dancing evening. The ecstatic musical composition gives chills along with the rich, melodic vocals and harmonic backing vocals. The violin, viola, and cello with the tambourine sound tense and give a nostalgic vibe, while the passionate drums and progressive riffs make one feel zealous as much as their jumpy lines. It’s all structured to give you a euphoric feel while the lyrical theme slowly grasps your sensibility.

The narrative/lyric music video works on adding sophistication to the song, providing the sonic divinity with pure visual bliss. It complements the concept of giving both nostalgic and contemporary flavors in one act. With the video being the last component of this musical saga, it leaves you with an overwhelming feeling and a thought of how something sounded like it was well-thought-off and how it was wildly falling into place. Either way, it’s liberating to hear it! Like you can’t finally rip off your costume and just be. 

“Costumes” was freshly released on October 21st, and it’s a great teaser for what’s to come in the forthcoming EP “A Jejune Affair.” I’ll definitely add it to my playlist till the rest of the EP comes out.