Art comes in many shapes, colors, sizes, perspectives, experiences…the list goes on and on…

Sometimes we enjoy art, other times we need it…

This time, it’s a mixture of both…it’s something we definitely need to hear and it is also an enjoyable experience.

We have Cosmic River’s debut single…”Do You Know What Time It Is?”

I believe it’s time we experienced this song and dove deep into the experience it presents.

Cosmic River hails from Winnipeg, Canada and his debut song is a mixture of…let me try to get this right…folklore-indiginous-cinematic-ambient-psychadelic-revelatory experience of a song.

…to try and put it into layman terms…it’s a song wrapped in old western folklore direction with hints of psychedelic ambiance….it’s deep.

Cosmic River is basically two people who have known each other for a long time…

Eric Lavoie on vocals and acoustic guitar…

Chase Fincaryk on electric guitar and harmonica…

I was thinking of describing the meaning behind the song, but it was already described perfectly from the good people from Cosmic River…let me quote them

‘Do You Know What Time It Is?’ speaks on all of the unnecessary ego -driven hate that is slowly sucking the spirit out of the human race. The song is meant to force the listener to reflect on their place in society. Are you a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?

…it made me actually think…and that is one of the strong points in the song, it makes you think.

For me, when art tickles my brain, it automatically goes into a whole other category of intellectuality…yes, it’s a word…I looked it up beforehand.

So why don’t we take a look at the song from a musical perspective? Let’s dive into it.

The song starts out right away…setting the mood with a ‘howling’ intro…literally.

Vocal performance is…well…it’s not your typical song…it’s more of a narration style of delivery…and I believe I understand why…

I believe that’s because Eric from Cosmic River wanted to put his emotions on the table here…especially from the point of view of his indiginous ancestors…

That makes sense.

The song actually has smooth and melodic chord changes along with an electric guitar that is almost reenacting the stories told in the song but melodically…and also providing some fills in the middle…you can see it either as the electric guitar is playing a long melodic solo throughout the whole song…or you can see it as the guitar is telling the story of the song…

It’s interesting to look at it both ways…but for me, I am seeing it as if it’s telling the story musically, without words…some kind of representation of the oppression…I don’t know if that is the correct symbolism…but hey, that’s the beauty of art..its interpretation.

The sounds and effects are in complete harmony with the folkloric setting.

Kudos on that.

We are very interested to hear what you have up your sleeve for your upcoming work…will be on the lookout.

All the luck in the world to you Cosmic River, we wish you all the best…and a little more.


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