Fans of horror and death metal, rejoice! Finnish death lords Corpse Molester Cult are back with another offering of gruesome, old-school goodness: Benedictus Perverticus.

Like many horror-themed albums Benedictus Perverticus (also the name of the first track) opens up with a sample from a film. It’s not long before the track begins and you’re bombarded with old school blast beats and chugging. When the singing begins, it can only be described as hearing the Cookie Monster speak after he’s gargled whiskey and sewage in the morning. This is a great opener and way to show that Old School Death Metal is far from (un)dead.


‘Raped by Seven Zombies’ begins with intro that faintly resembles Death’s ‘Zombie Ritual’, but makes no effort to cheaply imitate that great track. Instead, it’s a groovy, gore-drenched riff-fest that chronicles-you guessed it-zombie rape, ending in a doomy bombardment. Films normally get adapted into books, but not many can adapt them into song form.

Anything that starts out with a nasty bass groove with d-beats is sure to be a crowd pleaser. When the vocals on ‘This is How it Ends’ kick in, the song transforms into a caged beast, thrashing its way out of its cage. The song ends with a double-bass beatdown that leaves your ears sore and wanting more.

‘Satanic Seed’ bridges the old and the new, beginning with groovy old school riffs and dissonant chords usually used by newer bands. That changes once the song begins as the drums steadily thump out a double bass onslaught that invokes legions of the undead on a march to violate the living.

Final thoughts: It doesn’t break any new ground, but Corpse Molester Cult‘s Benedictus Perverticus is still solid death metal. Filled with skull-pounding beats and flesh-rending riffs, it’ll keep fans of death metal old and new happy and thrashing.
Final score: 8.5

Edited by: Jailan El Rafie