Runaway Summer is the new EP released by the American hard rock/alternative band, Cordova. The band independently produced and released their EP on April 6, 2018.

Córdoba (Spanish – ˈkɔrðoβa) or Córdova is a very recognized name based on Spanish origins. And to me it’s a very interesting choice indeed, even though there are numerous cities in the United States has the same name. Aside from the name, I personally hard rock is my favorite style indeed. Especially when I found such a diversity the band delivered in just 4-track EP!

The influence is clear from Guns N’ Roses to Puddle of Mud and anything between! They were very keen to deliver a well made melodic riff in every track but I’d say that I got more attached to Hiding” and “Trigger Happy.”

“We want to make you feel and think.” – Cordova


When they said it, they meant it. Their singer is pretty amazing really and marvelous energetic guitar lines that makes you just keep banging. Also, I like the idea of having a slow emotional track which is what I found in Runaway Summer (song)  and really it’s guitar riff blows my mind.

However, I got fond of this release since I check it out, but I’d like to mention that even though I like Runaway Summer (song) solo very much, but there’s a lack of guitar solos in general and I hope they consider it in their next releases. Aside from music, the band need to focus more on their marketing tools as I cannot find a website or a social platform which make it easily to their fans to follow and connect, I guess they need to work on that.

For sure, I’d personally consider Runaway Summer as one of the best hard rock/alternative rock EPs that I have checked in 2018 so far!