It Weaves a Web of Metal is a debut release by Coral the Merknight vs SEARANTULA which is a parody metal one-project-band. The project features from Travis Orbin of Darkest  Hour, and Adōn Fanion of Ghost Ship Octavius. In addition, the album has been mixed and mastered by him, he also video produced the music video of the 6th track in album; ‘(Oh Great, Another) Origin Story’.

The album includes 13 tracks with one released as a music video. Frankly, most of one-project-band releases don’t contain as many tracks as the one in hand, I was pretty surprised.As I started to listen to it, I got to understand how short the tracks were; however, on point, I liked that. In addition, I’d like to mention that the album’s sequence is very nice, smooth and I like most of the riffs and solos so much. A progressive intro featured in ‘Disclaimer’gets your curiosity up high into listening to the rest of the album. To all gamers reading, you will like this song; ‘Videogames > Girlfriends’ features Tyson Yen. It’s like a thrash, heavy and power metal stunning combination that will certainly get you attached. ‘500 + 500 = 1000 Miles’ and ‘All This Walking Is Making Me Thirsty’ are covers for The Proclaimers. I won’t lie and claim I didn’t like them, but they’re not much of my style. The fifth track, ‘Tragedy’,is one of my favorite tracks here, represents a melodic riff by Coral the Merknight with a very powerful vocal style by Chris Hodges. Even though I noticed that it’s the only longest track here, my favorite part is the bridge and solos, it’s like a nice outro here. ‘(Oh Great, Another) Origin Story’ which is already featured as a music video [check the link below]. I won’t give a negative feedback, I liked all the used elements here within the song structure, but it’s not one of my preferable ones. ‘ScarJo(lene)’ is a parodic cover for Dolly Parton’s hit song, it’s very nice really and easy to listen to and I enjoyed the choice of Quellyf is and her singing style so much. ‘Ballad of the Broken Refrigerator’ is a pretty unexpectedly good parodic ballad! I enjoyed Chris singing so much and the voiceover/backing vocal by Coral the Merknight. I was just expecting more than that for the solo, especially after the amazing country voice-over-bridge, expected like a crazy rockin’ soloing. Didn’t expect a hip-hop cover here, especially the choice is based on a young star, Willow Smith! Her hit ‘Whip my Hair’ is featured here and sung by Aaron Cloutier,but this time within extreme metal style and growling vocal flavor. ‘Eduardo Manivino aka Edward Winehands’ features both Tyson Yen and Chris Hodges on vocals, it’s nice, melodic and catchy but I kinda didn’t get the guitar riffs that much, but cannot deny that it’s one of my favorites here. ‘Under the Sea’ is well made, but I was expecting more a powerful outro for ‘Fish Outta Water’, like the amazing progressive intro in ‘Disclaimer’. But for sure; Coral the Merknight will be added to my music library from now on.


Edited by Bishoy Nader.