Montgomery Pollack

Artist Mark Winters released a sunny and poetic song called ‘ Copper Queen’, with all your expectations on a new romantic journey fulfilled. Released from Texas, US 9’ the 9th of October in 2019, until today this song is a cup of good coffee on a winter morning, or mint in your face or it’s Ceylon tea. Winters is a poet and a musician, a fusion that can only make big bangs and wondrous productions. The song is acoustic rock and Americana, with the good country aspect to it. As an indie rock musician, Winters is inspired by great artists like John Mayer and Tom Petty. After stating his musical journey in 2019, Winters has reached 1 million streams worldwide. 

Copper queen will make you remember the times you first fell in love with somebody and dream of all their tiny details that make them so lovable to you. The song is about the new experience that completely takes you away suddenly into a new, unexpected territory, and this was found in a new girl. The overall sound of the song is warm, chill and laid back. The musical arrangement is rich, with a soft rock soundscape that is hazy and slow. The song is melodic, and has a catchy, grocery  bass line and mellow acoustic guitar riffs. The drums are passionate, and the vocals are heartfelt and high pitched on many occasions. There is a beautiful guitar solo at the end that is bursting with warmth and emotions. If this song was a person it would definitely be pretty!

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