I kind of hesitated to do such a list; maybe because that many rock and metal music fans are so orthodox towards their music styles? For sure, belly dancing was more of a shock, even for me.

No one can deny that belly dancing is one of the folkloric arts that the Eastern world still keep it as it should be, but after a lot of research over the years, I found out that there are many dancers not from Eastern origins but can belly dance very well. Not only that, they thought of adding some fusion by mixing their music with the kind of dance they adore. Let’s know some of them…

She is the most famous rock and metal belly dancer in the European scene. Mahafsoun is very unique with her dark and gothic themes and she really knows how to move her body to different music styles. She is most known for her work with the Portuguese gothic metal band “Moonspell”, click on the link below to see their recent live gig…


Diana Bastet

I really enjoy watching Diana. She is damn good dancing to rock and metal. You can find a variety of dance covers on her channel, like: Sepultura, Lamb of God, Godsmack, Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy, and Metallica. Did I mention she also ROCKS on Tabla! Find link below


She is the girl that enjoys dancing to anything. Shira is not specialized in rock music only; she has a variety of videos dancing to both Eastern and Western music. Check her channel and I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

Loryen Zeytin
Among the many videos she did for many legendary bands. She did a very unique 3 part series titled Mesopotamian Metal. Each part was a mix of different riffs from different tracks by different bands, sort of like a collage of music. What’s really interesting is that most of the tracks in the Mesopotamian Metal III series were from Egyptian bands such as: Odious, Scarab, Sand Aura, Hathorious and more. Find the link below and Enjoy!

Kahina Spirit
This girl really knows how to shake it! Kahina loves dancing in general and this is very obvious from the huge variety on her channel with a wild mix of dances even to some really un-expected instruments like in the video in the link below where she dances to a Cello. Enjoy watching that rockin’ girl.

Maya Gothica
Finally, the girl who showed people how it’s done by dancing to the well-known Tunisian band “Myrath”. Maya is relatively new to the metal belly dance scene, but she has proven in no time that she could ROCK YOUR WORLD more than any of the veterans in the scene! Enjoy her video on the link below and stay tuned for more upcoming work.

Mayada a.k.a Megan Hesham
Well, she is not particularly known for dancing to rock and metal, she is known more for being an instructor. But, when she decided to dance to what she prefers, she did a clip dancing to “Paradise City” by “Guns N’ Roses”.

Johanna Dechant
Although this is the only video you may find of her. But hey, you might say that she is the best when it comes to moving to extreme metal riffs!

Alla Kushnir a.k.a Leila
Her video is considered to be one of the most famous fusion videos on the web! Yes, more than 8 million people saw her dancing to Santana’s Black Magic Woman. Since this song is very sensational and we all agree that belly dance can be considered as a form of erotic art, she had balanced her moves perfectly between belly dance and erotic dance. Leila has quite the extensive Résumé in her career; she was Miss Belly Dance of Europe 2008, winner of Ukrainian Belly Dance Championship 2007 and 2008 and runner up in a few others. Find the link below and Enjoy!


Karina Bathory
Unlike most dancers, her focus is not as much on the rhythm section of the songs but more on the guitar licks and solos.