South East London newcomers, Contemporary Club are back with their second single ‘Plastic Dream’. Forming over a shared love of guitar-driven music and dreamy soundscapes during their college years, the band are brimming with energising riffs and vintage emotions. 

‘Plastic Dream’ arrives after the nostalgia-infused raw rock and roll of debut ‘Belong’ and showcases an alternative, steadier side to the band, built more on emotive lyricism than unbridled energy. The ringing guitars build up behind an almost pained vocal, the track subsequently bursts into life as the arpeggios descend into the depths of wistfulness, the entire soundscape crying out for love.

The four-piece then delicately crafts a thoughtful swayer, using melodic instrumental lines to convey the more ineffable feelings of the track. Always rooting themselves in melancholic, rose-tinted love, they rise and fall, keeping it as raw as possible.

The band explains their second outing, Plastic Dream is another track we wrote and recorded ourselves. It is a valentine-esque indie rock ballad that focuses on tearing at the hearts of two lovers, and wanting to run away with a special someone to escape the world.”

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