It’s interesting coming across an artist who is the sole member of the band and yet decides to go under another name. Alex is the vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist of “N4November”, he came up with it during summer of 2021. He performed his first and only gig since he formed “N4November” in Sydney when he opened for the band duo “Warwick Smith”.

The artist is influenced by so many artists like, Paramore, The Maine, With Confidence, Taylor Swift, We the Kings and many other. The song was recorded in “Breakaway’s” band member’s Rich Mammoiliti’s home studio. It has no specific theme or context; the song was a conduct of a mix of raw and messy feeling the artist was going through at the time and simply couldn’t put it down into words or straighten his mind, so what’s a better a way to process feelings than music? He was going through an artist’s block when he listened to “Pieces” by Sum41 and it inspired him to start with a chord progression and take it from there.

“Dear Friend” and “Constant reminder” are the only singles released by the artist under N4November and you can sense the differences and similarities between both songs. Dear friend has a coherent story line and a message to be delivered yet the strumming pattern in both choruses are similar. “Constant reminder” has an electronic sound effects/loops that weren’t used before and the adding of orchestral instruments sound effects adds an edge to it. 

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