With the 3rd record …In Silence, I Wept… in the making, doom metal project Thine Inner Sanctum unleashed the record’s opening song Conflicted in Tears in collaboration with amazing guest vocalist Anca Scurtu. Thine Inner Sanctum is the brainchild of the artist/multi instrumentalist Jay Ross, who uses this project as an outlet for his creations in the world of goth and doom, and man we’re lucky enough he did that. Let me tell you why as we walk through his latest release Conflicted in Tears.

Vocalist Anca Scurtu opens Conflicted in Tears with her soothing dreamy voice, that’s when mixed with Jay Ross’ atmospheric arpeggios created the perfect doomy mood, a perfect fit for a cold winter night. The multiple vocals layering cemented Conflicted in Tears’ melancholic texture, while its slow pace provided the perfect emotional buildup, preparing the listener for the big-sounding dark chorus. The guitar melody was 100% on point, and in total harmony with the vocal melody, hitting the listener right in the heart and making him/her feel every note. Conflicted in Tears has a bittersweet gloomy sound, it flows smoothly like a stream of heart-hitting beautiful melodies, with well-calculated and written dynamics that seamlessly shift from a bigger sound to a quieter one softly without losing its vibes or emotional core.

Thine Inner Sanctum managed to create the perfect setup for such a gloomy tune as Conflicted in Tears. The musical progression goes hand in hand with its deeply emotional flow with the most fitting sound and tone, altogether within a tight atmospheric structure that affects the listener deeply, creating a bond between the artist and the fans. Totally recommended for pure hardcore doom fans, will make me keep on looking forward to more from Thine Inner Sanctum, cheers!