Hailing from Texas, USA, Wynter Kills mixes raw nasty riffs with big melodies in a unique style, and this can be heard clearly on their latest single via Indian River Music Company “Condemned To Burn” (ain’t that A KILLER METAL TITLE?).  So, let me tell you how it’s like

With raw riffs and heavy bass, Wynter Kills kickstarted “Condemned To Burn”. Those guys’ deep metal roots and old-school influences are loud and clear through their sound and production, and most importantly, their relentless flow. Wynter Kills delivered a dynamic fast structure using grinding riffs, dry heavy drumming, killer groove, and heavy diverse vocals in a headbanging mix that’ll send you off your seat. It has killer NWOBHM influences fused within its thrashy sound, with a sound that feels like Venom meets Mercyful Fate

“Condemned To Burn” is a dark thrashy tune with loads of harmonic melodies and 100% pure metal vocals. Wynter Kills creatively managed to use all their influences to create their very own unique sound and pace, an interesting release that’ll make me dig deeper into their stuff and keep an eye out for upcoming releases, cheers and keep on rocking!