After years of playing in bands and being a live sound tech, Mark Estephan decided to take control and form his own project HYET. HYET released a number of tracks throughout the last year and we’ll be reviewing his latest release “Concrete Moon” that was out the 14th of Feb. 2022.

Concrete Moon is a solid alternative rock tune with some twists that sounds reasonable when you know that Mark’s influences include Devin Townsend alongside Prince and My Chemical Romance. The song starts with a heavy intro that moves into a clean part leading to the verse, from my humble POV that shift needed to be smoother maybe by adding an extra bar. The vocal melody and dynamics through the song is really nice and interesting, it felt for a while that Mark is struggling a bit with the vocals but, when I read that he had COVID while recording, I became really interested in listening to how he’ll normally sound. The whole song has an interesting dynamics and structure. My favorite part is the pre-outro at min 2:52 when he starts throwing those harmonics between the distorted chords, that was really catchy and builds up to a really powerful outro.

Concrete Moon was really enjoyable and interesting for me, I’ll definitely keep an eye on HYET to see where it’ll head next.