Silence In Surrender (SinS) is a band from London and they are here to riff and rock your world…

Let’s get to know these guys more, they are….

Ben Lopez on guitars and lead Vocals
Paul Young on guitars and backing Vocals
Pete Haseler on Drums and Percussion
Stephen Pool on bass

They have their new single “Coming Up” out there now, this single falls between their debut album that was released last year and their upcoming one….this song acts as an aperitif before the feast, and a great one at that!

Let’s hit the play button and give it a listen…..*click*

The track starts out with a musical question mark…then sucks you in bit by bit…

You’re inside a riff whirlwind, everything is flying away around you and in full power…vocals, guitars, and drums are all turned to 11. A powerhouse of a chorus.

The verses are also full of guitar chugginess and powerful drums.

SinS are taking the loud rockin’ 90s riff-based music and twisting and shaping it into something more modern and edgier…and it makes me nostalgic, they nailed it.

Even if the bridge is chuggy, you can’t get away from the energy of these guys!
…and of course what 90s riff-rock song is complete without a guitar solo? This one has it all.

I have to say…these guys are tight and powerful.
The vocals are doing some awesome work and it gels perfectly with the bass, guitars and drums.

Sins look and sound like the kind of band that would tear up the place with their energy.
We are looking forward to their upcoming album “Fear-Topia”…and if they play their cards right, they will reach new highs…we’re sure of that.

Best of luck to you guys and keep rockin’ the world…


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