Don’t hesitate to add Kevin Beadles’ “Coming Home” to your road playlist, because once it’s up and running, it won’t bother you, but it will make you feel like you’re still driving at the set speed limit.

A balanced rhythm created by the drummer in conjunction with the notes of an electric guitar puts you on the path to what Kevin Beadles will sing after you’ve taken your coffee and filled your gas tank to drive home.

A melody weighs down your head with innovation by blending country and classic contemporary rock together. That makes you focus on the details around you, as Beadles did, while the longing to kiss your sweetheart’s lips is what will make you keep pressing the gas pedal to increase the fire of love inside you and then you won’t feel tired no matter how long the Road.

And I know if you had enough of “Coming Home.” Kevin Beadles tells you it’s only the start, and you have to wait for his next song, “Beautiful Bastards,” which is sure to impress you like I did with “Coming Home.”