Glaswegian alt-rock band Lonehead are back with their first single of 2023, and it is a jangly, groovy, and charismatic take on what the Stones would have sounded like if they were at peak relevancy right now. Yes. That’s big praise, and I can back it up with proof.

Scottish band Lonehead is a three-piece that’s formed of bassist/singer Martin Jenkins, guitarist Jim Keilt, and Drummer Mark Brown. Their sound on their ‘Coming Alive’ is a sound that bustles with vintage energy that’s brought up with pristine modern production, courtesy of Scottish producer Stuart McCredie. Starting from the rhythmic claps, to the tightly overdriven and twangy rhythm guitar, to the charismatic yells that constitute the memorable vocal performance of Martin Jenkins, to the characteristically vintage and boomy sounding drums and beat. Everything about ‘Coming Alive’ screams retro goodness. 

With a neat guitar solo that features an unforgettable tone; lightly overdriven, its subtle crunch allows Jim Keilt to showcase some unique chops. The production is also fresh and the sound feels open and easy to get immersed in. ‘Coming Alive’ deals with modern obsession with technology and screens, and the vintage sound that it sports helps bring this point to light.

A twangy and charismatic piece of modern rock that features great production and amazing performances across the board, ‘Coming Alive’ is a crisp and refreshing listen that’s remarkably well executed from Scottish rock veterans.