Jim Leatherman

Today I will be reviewing the live version of a song by the band “The Hamiltons”. It consists of Robert English: Lead Vocalist/Guitar, Matt Hugen: Drums/Vocalist, John Koroshetz: Bass/Vocalist and Mike Levin: Guitar/Vocalist. This song comes with collaboration with Grave return, another rock band. The song “Comin’ Up” is the second single from The Hamilton’s split 7’ with grave return. The version released on Spotify is the live version.

At first listen, I fell in love with the guitars. It made me want to get up and just Mosh in a crowd. The song reminds me of Mudhoney, with the same dirty guitars, and passionate, loud vocals. Robert’s vocals are solid, and really bring the song together with the rocking guitars, and banging drums. Not to mention that groovy bassline in the middle of the song, it just made me have goosebumps. 

All in all, this is definitely one of my new favorite rock songs. It’s not much that you find a rock band that encapsulated the vibe of the 80s and 90s rock bands, but at the same time is unique and has a fresh sound that can fit in today’s climate. Chapeau The Hamiltons!


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