Hillsborough is an alt-rock/blues band based in Australia. Founded in 2016 by Phil Usher and Beata Maglai, and with Glen Russell (double bass) and Jonathan Pickvance (drums) on board, the group has established their own place in the regional music scene. Phil Usher, the band’s main songwriter, has had his music included in several TV series and films, including Gossip Girl, Dawson’s Creek, Bondi Rescue, and Underbelly.

Hillsborough’s nostalgic old western compositions feature stripped-down guitar playing, retro piano riffs, and classic melodies, drawing inspiration from a range of sources, such as Outlaw Country and West Coast Psychedelia of the 1960s. In February 2022, Heartstville Records published “Trouble Finds Its Way” by Hillsborough, which debuted on Tower of Song with Henry Wagons on Double J. The album will be released later this year, with “Comin’ Back for You” as the second single. 

The song “Coming Back For You” is a classic example of the Americana folk style. Images of broad fields and country lanes baking under the scorching sun come to mind as I listen to the arrangement’s melodies. There is a satisfying demeanor, a traditional rhythm and cadence, and just a touch of edge to it all. The song is the sonic embodiment of a rowdy bar brawl that takes place in the old west. The two vocalists produce rich harmonies over the guitars that further emphasize the arrangement’s impact.