Bc Roadz is not your average musical joe here…

…and you can experience that by checking out his new song “ Comfort Blues”.

Bc Roadz is a self-proclaimed “sound artist” that literally uses music as a medium to convey his artistic and emotional energy…too meta? Well, I’d say to know BC Roadz better, let’s do it by checking out his new song “Comfort Blues”!

Well, the first thing that hits you, is that it is a blues song…but with a huge twist, the performance and storytelling of it!

The song talks about a man who is trying to find peace of mind…so he goes to a monastery and talks to a monk for enlightenment, which is something that we can all relate to, we all need that actually!

However, the lyrical flow has this kind of old-school-country blues thing to it and goes hand in hand with the storytelling element of the song too, that makes sense….all of this is wrapped in a comedic approach that encapsulates the whole musical experience…that’s a combo you don’t see every day!

Listening to Bc Roadz’ “Comfort Blues” is like listening to a musical story with a comedic approach and I think this is something that we don’t get to hear or enjoy that much…

I also have to mention that the song has a couple of “F” bombs here and there, so I guess a complimentary “parental advisory” sticker is your to have while reading this!

We wish all the best to Bc Roadz on his musical, lyrical, storytelling, comedic approach to life and can’t wait to hear what he’s cooking next!


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