Just like his name and concept, emerging artist Banana continuity who is based in London, UK, will release a rocking banger that is unique in sound and will get you dancing and moving, an art rock masterpiece called ‘come on now’, that will guarantee a special listening experience that is totally missed nowadays with the struggle of blending rock in a different way among hundreds of other genres. Banana makes it clear with his track that he goes ocean-deep to try to find and incorporate a sound that will stick with the listener. The concept of his art name may be like an alter ego of the human, a fruit in which thinks, feels and imposes their sense of self and awareness to us, the humans. 

You will not be able to contain your feet and let your hair loose and wild with come on now. It’s medium-paced, almost hazey with a funky sound and some sexy rock tunes. The song talks about the question of enduring being human and how it feels to not be able to be anything but human. We guess we should all look for a fruit alter ego! The overall sound of the song is cool, laid back and fun. The soundscape is a rebellious and groovy soft yet edgy rock. The electric guitar is definitely the star of this track with its sharpness and amazing way of musical arrangement and large dynamic sonic range. You go from hard to soft in a matter of seconds. The percussion instruments are a unique set that sound very strange sonically against the electric guitar, with also a combination of very prominent cymbals and hi-hats. The vocals are a little bit monotone, and seems to be intentional so that we could feel the presence of the banana. We can’t wait for more from this special artist.