Insanely catchy, with the sleazy heavy guitar sound, “Colorful White Lies” is like a lipstick smear, a wink in neon hue, an energy drink thrown into a blender amidst a drinking game. Easy on the ear and wild at its core, Electric High’s new single centers about lies, and how far a lie could go to be innocent…or not. “Colorful White Lies” has a bright future of blasting through speakers and landing on some of Spotify’s most-listened playlists for 2022. Olav Iversen’s vocals are out of this Earth, synergizing Marius Mørch’s guitars and Tor Bjarne Bjelland’s drums.
Although the hard-rocking is theatrical, a head-against-the-wall slice of the genre, “Colorful White Lies” is still too fun to ignore. Electric High has proved themselves capable of maintaining a cool indie rock vibe without losing their faithfulness to the hard rock hall of fame.


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Jaylan Salah