“Kindness costs nothing,” they say. But that’s not true! Choosing to be kind isn’t easy. It costs to take from your energy and give to others as support, consolation, and strength, but it’s needed. And we’re in gloomy days where people would think, as the line in the first verse says, “It might be in my best interest not to care,” as it’s better not to get involved in others’ mess and focus on our own. Through touching and inspirational lines in “Cold Together,” such as “Don’t you try to hide. You’re not a monster, I see, deep down inside. It’s cold here in the dark, all alone, ” Presley not only urged us to be there for whoever asks for help, but also a higher level of care, which means feeling for the friends in need who’re facing any kind of hardship alone and being by their side even if they refuse. I stopped a little with “You’re not a monster” because, sadly, that’s how some deal with diseases like mental illness or addiction. They don’t help them, accept them, and act like they are monsters, and they make that idea take root in the minds of the ill themselves.

Presley Duyck’s vocals are like a ray of bright light breaking through the drear darkness. Her sincere, calming voice makes the lyrics more hopeful and evokes good feelings inside. The song would provoke sad, relatable memories if you ever dealt with someone who suffered from any sort of affliction and whose story didn’t end well. However, with the emotional vocals and warm, upbeat melodies, with its simple acoustic chords, solid drums, and smooth piano, you’ll have peace and hope to help others again with all you can.

“Cold Together” has rivers of emotions in it and a genuine message that I would be glad to deliver too, which is: Don’t leave the ones you care about to fight their battles alone. They need you, no matter how strong they seem.


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Viola Karmy