The song ‘Cold Hearted’ is one dedicated to the breakup that ends a relationship. Released one day after Saint Valentine’s (the irony), might shed some light on the bittersweet, tough side of love.

The lyrics are like a conversation back and forth between a couple, with the thoughts of the singer intertwined in between.

“I hope the song conveys those feelings that come during a breakup and the courage it takes to leave. There’s anger, confusion, frustration, and all kinds of feelings that arise when you finally end things.”

This is one of the songs from his new album ‘For everything, there is a season’ that Kristian will be releasing in March 2022.

“The album is based on a true love story from my past, that moves with the four seasons.” –Kristian says. 

“In Spring the relationship starts, in Summer love grows, in Fall it starts to break apart and in Winter, the relationship ends.”

The end of the song is abrupt but painless, just like how it usually feels after a breakup: numb, lacking focus but also free.

The simplicity of the tune for such a sentive subject is beautiful, and it delightfully and elegantly introduces that although endings can be harsh and difficult, and especially scary, but thanks to songs like this one, it helps you realize it might be time for a change.


Kristian Phillip Valentino is a solo acoustic, singer and songwriter borned and raised in Chicago. He has been creating music since 2010 after a series of personal events: passing of his father, homelessness and being broken up; all within a month – as a way to cope with the emotional toll.

His music work go between indie-folk and Americana. Fans of laid-back music, with beautiful, highlights of acoustics will enjoy his music.

For more, you can stay up to date with his music at Kristian Phillip Valentino’s website. You can also check out more of his work on his Youtube or Spotify channels, and follow him on social media on Instagram and Facebook.



Mercedes Thomas