Christmas isn’t always joyful; it can be bittersweet when the ones who used to share it with us aren’t around anymore. Christopher Labi Rance’s “Cold Christmas Eve” captures this gloomy feeling with an intense rock vibe.

Christopher Labi Rance is a Swedish rock act comprised of singer Christopher Labi Rance and drummer Geoffrey M. Svalbard, but they’re more than enough to provide a band-sound of the finest rock hooks, engaging performances, and emotionally triggering content. 

“Cold Christmas Eve” carries a blue, cold sentiment, as its title suggests. It evokes warm memories of an ex-partner—the love that used to enliven Christmas. Whether you’ve had a similar experience or not, you’ll be moved by the provoking lyricism and emotive storytelling, as well as Christopher’s passionate, powerful performance. His melodious, sentimental voice has an aching timbre, yet it remains gentle and softhearted. The vocal line is as energetic as the instrumentation, and they both harmonize perfectly to give any rock fan a solid piece of epic musicality.

There’s a clear balance between the polished rock sound, with infectious, crisp guitar riffs and a bouncy, dramatic drumline, while paying homage to the affectionate plot, which makes the final take sincere and poignant and provides a satisfying listening experience, making the song addictive.

Beside the song and the duo’s messiahship, I enjoyed the music video and how it gathered narrating scenes and performance scenes. It has a nostalgic atmosphere that goes well with the theme.

It’s not entirely melancholic, and there’s some Christmassy bright hope, so no worries; it will go easy on your heart. There’s upcoming work, so stay tuned.