Code Masr is an 8 member Egyptian oriental Rock band

The band members are:

  • Ahmed Saif: Lead Vocal & Rhythm guitar
  • Islam Essam: Lyricist
  • Mohamed Yasser: Bassist
  • Khaled El-Demrdash: Drummer
  • Mohab El-Sherbiny: Lead Guitarist/ Backing vocalist
  • Mohamed Mekky: keyboardist and Backing vocalist
  • Ahmed M.Shabana: Oud “Lute” player
  • Ahmed Adel: Band Manager

The band has released three tracks titled;’Million Badeel’ which translates to ‘Million Alternatives’ and ‘Ya Alsohab’ which translates to ‘Hey Buddies’ and the last band’s release was ‘El Dehk Mal’ which translates to ‘Laughter Turned lame’

‘Yal sohab’ Or ‘Hey Buddies’ is going to be reviewed in this article.
The track has a really brilliant intro with a beautiful oud solo and violins in the background that takes you back in time to make you think that you’re just playing a classical song, till vocals start doing its thing to evolute the song’s genre and age to the 21th century’s songs style.

As the electric guitar gets into play, it’s a modern Rock track! It travels you back in our present time in less than 2 minutes
The lyrics are well chosen and also the solos whethersolos of the guitars,keyboards or even the oud, they are all professionally played.

The outro of ‘Yal Sohab’ is recorded as a live outro version, according to guitar riffs and drumming, which is kind of cool and thrilling and only makes you want to play all over gain.

The track’s music is professionally played and lyrics were wisely written, the band has chosen the right terms to express their song well. I couldn’t really find a point of weakness in this track, I tried but couldn’t. Great job by Code Masr, they nailed it in this track.

If you’re interested in checking the band’s news and updates you can check their Facebook page, or head to their Twitter account.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader