The 2nd coming of UAE’s metalcore boys, COAT OF ARMS, is Sun and Satellites which released in early 2013. Much credit goes to these guys, realising the potential they had through the release of their first album, “”This is Manslaughter”” in 2011, and directing it towards a bigger factor in probably all aspects as a band.

As such, metalcore primarily dominates this album, with brilliantly crafted occasional deviations into more experimental stuff. The album is loaded with signature metalcore guitar riffs and drumming patterns, but never to a point do they take into strides of getting monotonous.

The album starts with an intro in the name of “Dimensions Revealed”, and kicks into the first song “Notes and Chords”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The production done sounds much stronger and more enhanced than their first release, as in the case with almost any artist today.
On a whole, you witness an intelligent sense of song writing and direction, as compared to their first release. Now these guys are still pretty young, and this being just their second release is pretty impressive. While this album isn’t your “nailed it ” metal core album, it definitely makes the grade for the listeners of the genre.

If I had to pick a single track of the album, that would be the highlight, it would have to be “Pixels”. For a guy who has been following this band right from 2009, I must say this is a long way from watching these guys for the first time at a pub in Dubai around 5 years ago. What this album has done is that, it has increased my expectations for their third release. It’s just sad these guys dont play around that often anymore.

YEAR : 2013
RATING : 3/5