Neil McCarty –

A japanese animation series from the late 90’s is the first thing that might pop into your head just by hearing the intro of the track. And i’m talking about our childhood favorites, the likes of Digimon, Dragon Ball or Pokémon.

From Luton town we hear a power poppy rocking vibe and that kind of chorus which you could repeat numerous times right after hearing it.


Also if you’re not a big fan of japanese animation, you might find that this track applies heavily as a theme track for a sports video game as “C’mon” boosts energy through your veins and widens your pupil.

“C’mon” is the brand new release from Luton’s Bowfinger. The song sees a return to the bands 3 minute power pop/punky early days that made them a live favourite on the gigging scene.

The lyrics are about how you could go beyond the ceiling in your head and to shut off everyone who is telling you to stop or holding you down from marching towards your objectives.

The quality of the recording needs to be a bit improved, and “Bowfinger” have made it a perfect pop punk track and I honestly believe that it needs to be widely spread and trendy. 

What are you waiting for? Hit the button below and play the track C’mon!

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