Who’d have guessed that a song about death and the fear of self-destruction could be so soothing and relaxing to listen to? Charlie Steady’s vocals are calming and pleasant, with nostalgic overtones from his singing style and indie rock melodies reminiscent of the 90’s. The Side A song, “Club 27,” talks about “Magpie,” the album’s main character, who is wondering about the famous musicians who tragically died at a young age, with the fear of walking the path of fame only to find himself unable to recognise himself. The mid-tempo guitar riffs and robust drums complement the rocking mood with some early 2000’s pop-punk vibes, which characterizing Magpie’s conflict.

With its rock ‘n’ roll soul and plenty of guitar tones, the Side B song “Cutting Contest And Sticks” conveys the sensation of being in the midst of two guitarists’ battle with rich guitar layers and dynamic, irresistible rhythms. Even Steady’s vocals reveal a new aspect, one that shifts from suave to energetic and impassioned. The solo part depicts Magpie facing another guitarist, and the guitar sounds compete with the same theme of 90’s style blended with pop-punk, leaving the listener entertained, buzzed, and surprised that it’s all done by one brilliant musician.

Charlie Steady, with his stunning vocals, has the capacity to create a story with no two chapters being the same, yet each chapter compliments the others through simple lyrics and engaging, captivating music that tells the story with more attitude than the lyrics.

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Viola Karmy