A recent band that came together along the years, shaping them to produce the sound they have now. A Ukrainian metal band focused on Gothic, Alt, and melodic metal genres. The band originally started when Hanna Demchenko, vocalist and Vitalii Karnaukh on guitar met in 2019, then joined by the bass guitarist, Taras Zemskiy in 2020. They performed in a total of 7 concerts without a drummer and was quite challenging for them until later, in 2021 when they were finally joined by Dmitriy Krainskyi. The band’s style is influenced by Within Temptation, Lacuna coil and Amaranthe.

“Closer” is the third single released by the band as part of their debut album/EP out of 9 songs that are all finished. It was recorded in their own sound studio. The main context of the songs released so far is relationships, the feelings we go through after the break ups, the lingering phase that keeps going after we lose each other. The pain, love and struggle we go through to let go. Listening to the intro makes you anticipate a strong male vocal line appearing like the intros for Skillet but then a female vocal appears with the vibe of Avril Lavigne, powerful yet dreamy and has a soft side, a unique combination. “Closer” surely is different from “Unwanted guest” and “Dancer in the dark” in its musical structure and phrases. 

With their latest single release “Pierrot (my sad prince)” we can see more of the band’s abilities and exploration with different sounds, like using electronic sound effects and loops while combining It with powerful guitar riffs. We’re looking forward to more releases from the band and to listening to the next five finished tracks.