Rahway – New Jersey (3/31) is ready to hit those dark alley streets once more, to defend their title as The Slumlords of New Jersey with their newest single, “Carry You.” Right from the moment, lead singer Nick Hade provides that smooth yet aggressive bite – the listener knows they’re in for a decadent rock treat. “If you’re listening to Rahway then you know rock’n’roll ain’t dead,” says Tommy London of SiriusXM/Boneyard/Hair Nation. Brass knuckles out and chains swinging, “Carry You” pulls you in.

Then there are those opening riffs courtesy of guitarist David Cardenas, who also adds, “[It’s] thunderous with ball-shaking bass and drums.” But the axe-man knows his way around his weapon of choice and he does not hold back; showcasing talent reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots and Slash.

“It’s epic,” adds bassist, Chigger. “A writing experience from the darker side of creativity.” True. This latest single and the EP to follow were composed during the pandemic, which pushed the band out of their comfort zones. Creativity in the face of challenges always produces worthy fruits.

“Carry You” is ready to tear up the universal sounds of rock! Be looking for more news on Rahway‘s 6 song EP slated for autumn 2023!

**Full video for “Carry You” coming soon!

“We grew influenced by the sounds of Arena Rock. So, naturally when we write our songs, our hooks tend to be big and memorable in the vein of Arena Rock. If you know the music of Rahway, you know that songs like “Carry You” belong in an Arena! Or at the very least a very large club with the crowd singing the hook back to us! It’s just in our DNA at this point! “Carry You” tells the story of a person who was carrying a loved one through life, or so they thought, because in the end, it was the loved one doing the real heavy lifting. It is an epic story. One that we’ve all been through in life, because we’re all selfish beings and not realizing that without others in our lives, we can’t survive.”

Nick Hade – Lead Vocals, David Cardenas – Guitar, Chigger – Bass, Steve Cardenas – Drums/Backing Vocals

“Carry You”: Recorded at Sonic Stomp Studios in Staten Island, NY – Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Orlando at Sonic Stomp Studios.

Video: Produced & Edited by Larry Jones at Arc Angel Entertainment.

Press via Song River PR