Who knew blues this hot could come from Ireland? Well in any case, Pork Pie are here to show that blues rock is alive and kicking, where you’d expect it most, and where you wouldn’t so much.

Pork Pie hail from the city of Dundalk, Ireland, and their latest release, the blistering blues tune, titled ‘CITY LIGHTS’ is hot and driving. An independent four-piece band, Pork Pie bring forth an infectious energy that is lively and charismatic. Led by a litany of sizzling riffs, courtesy of Michael Stafford’s rhythm guitar chops, and also by his driving vocal howls, Stafford effortlessly showcases himself as a capable frontman, supported by the just-as-capable wingman, Peter Laverty on the lead guitar, who provides one immediately catchy lead line after the other, both of supported by the solid rhythmic backbone of Shane Brett’s drums and Michael Laverty’s bass, all together bringing solid performances and a truly worthwhile piece of modern indie blues rock. An animal that is growing rarer by the hour.

Pork Pie’s ‘CITY LIGHTS’ will take you back to the days of The Eagles and Deep Purple’s 70s rock anthems. Playing all the right cards, Pork Pie have something going on for them, and a sound of their own, that will find no trouble whatsoever finding its audience.