Nikolaj Bransholm

Hailing from Vejen, Denmark, the rock band, Red Relations, formed in 2020 and have been actively releasing their singles this year. For now, the band has released three singles, and “Circle of Diamonds” is the most recent one in this trilogy.

The quartet are Casper Vindbjerg (vocals/guitar), Samir Cakar (guitar), Daniel Therkelsen (bass) and Max Alrø (drums). They’ve had a different musical background and played covers for years, but finally they decided to play their own music, and that’s how “Red Relations” burst into life in 2020. The variety of their experiences makes the band have their own genuine sound. They put modern touches on the Classic / hard rock and some pop splashes, which make them distinct.

“Circle of Diamonds” showcases the band’s distinguished style. It’s driven by a dynamic vibe resulting from each and every element included. It kicks off with a bouncy, booming drumbeat and keeps the hype till the end. The bass lines and guitar riffs are sick! It’s all well-structured to serve the purpose of making you addicted to their sound. The lyrics are about lust, the forbidden, and the fun, and the stunning, delicate yet powerful vocals personify them perfectly with their playful, seductive performance. The solo part is wild, solid, and demonstrates the band members’ high-quality skills.

These guys know what they’re doing! They are on their way to being a well-known band that introduces top-notch music. Listen to “Circle of Diamonds” below, and you’ll find yourself rooting for them.