Instrumental Arabic Rock is something different and rare in our Rock Scene but good musicians as Chuss with his 5 albums proved that we have excellent talents here. It was a nice and a new experience for us to be added to our reviewing career, so let’s take a look at Chuss’ latest album.

The album contains 15 tracks, some tracks carry Arabic names and we thought that was something pretty cool because you deliver your feelings and your culture with your own language. Most of the tracks were perfectly composed as ‘Za Sakool’; oriental riffs and touches were greatly mixed as ‘Myth Too Much’ and ‘Khan Yakhoon’. ‘Kan Lazem a3raf’ had some amazing emotional riffs. We loved the idea of creativity and the harmony.

Some tracks remind us with familiar movies soundtracks, by which I mean classical movies. It is a journey, a journey through our souls and mind. However, on the other hand some tracks brought disappointment as ‘Water and oil’ we couldn’t understand the idea and we simply didn’t like it, although the effects of the track reflected the title, where is the idea. The message wasn’t properly delivered. ‘Barood’ had some sounds of wars, guns, and explosions, which is similar to what Egyptians regularly listen to nowadays. To sum up, it was an excellent piece of music and something unique. Our rate is 7 out 10.

Written by: Rana Atef and Mahmoud Ezzat.
Edited by: NJ Bakr