Christmas is the time to give, but many industries commercialize it to take as much as they can. With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas just a few days away, it’s time to listen to Tom Ciurczak‘s “Christmas Time in Hollywood,” which brings the holiday spirit with its rock ‘n’ roll resonating sound, and to enjoy the artist’s mocking of the greedy market. 

Tom Ciurczak, a New York native and a Los Angeles resident, is a prolific singer-songwriter who knows how to create endearing, fun music, such as his holiday song “Christmas Time in Hollywood,” and enjoys fusing his influences of rock and country to produce an organic, hooking sound.

“Christmas Time in Hollywood” has the upbeat jingle bell sound and the shimmery melody that are bright enough to light up a giant tree, with the affectionate ambiance of wanting to be with whom you love at Christmas. It’s pretty much the same as each Christmas carol, so what makes it standout like the Christmas star? Well, for starters, not every Christmas tune has a fiery rock ‘n’ roll sound that lifts your spirit up to Santa’s flapping carriage. And the thing that can’t be found elsewhere is Tom Ciurczak’s creative songwriting. The man has his way of making one song sound both warm and humorous! Sit tight and let him take you to his own magical North Pole village.

Angelic harmonies open the song, tricking you for a few seconds into thinking it’s going to be a mellow song, but soon enough the rest of the instruments join in and burst with energy. The guitar riffs, the bass line, the drumming, and the keyboard are all pulsing with both rock and Christmas essence. The cynicism in the lyrics is overlooked by Tom Ciurczak’s luscious, melodic vocals; he instead emphasizes the comfort and vibrancy of the joyous season.

With a solid rocker voice, an addictive sonic soundscape, and witty songwriting, Tom Ciurczak will make you want to rank “Christmas Time in Hollywood” at the top of your festival playlist and mesmerize you enough to soak yourself in his Spotify account to see what else he’s got. So, while you wait for his upcoming album, which will be published in early 2023, enjoy his 2020 album, “Call Me Ishmael.”